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My services

Your moments, captured with an eye for detail by Dimitri Dantas. I offer a wide range of visual services, from traditional photography to impressive drone videography. Whether you're looking for a photographer for a special occasion or want to see the world from a new perspective with drone videos, I'm here for you. My services are available both individually and in combination, so you can choose exactly what best suits your wishes and needs. ​


Professional photography

My photography services include many specialties: ​

  • Weddings

  • Familyshoots and Kidsparties

  • Event photography

  • Boudoir shoots

  • Portraits

  • Maternity photography and birth photography

  • Nightlife Photography

  • Real estate photography

  • Food photography


Make your story come to life with my immersive videography. With a keen eye for detail and a creative approach, I capture every moment as if it were a movie. Whether capturing weddings, corporate events or personal portraits, my videos portray your story in a unique and unforgettable way.

Drone videography

In addition to photos, I also offer drone videography to capture your most beautiful memories or events. With my drone videos I offer a unique perspective that shows the beauty of your wedding, events, real estate or landscapes from above. This service adds a cinematographic dimension to your project, either as a standalone service or in combination with my photography.

Private workshops

  • Drone private workshop

Do you want to learn to fly a drone like a professional? Learn it yourself now with my private drone flying lessons! Whatever you want to learn, my personal lessons are tailored to your needs. Learn safety and navigation from an experienced drone pilot. Get in touch today and soar to new heights with your drone skills.

  • Photography private workshop

Ontdek de kunsten van fotografie met mijn persoonlijke fotografielessen! Ben je een beginnende fotograaf en wil je de basisprincipes wil leren of juist meer leren dan dat? Ik stem mijn privélessen af op jouw behoeften. Leer alles over belichting, compositie en creatieve technieken van een professionele fotograaf. Je legt daarna zelf prachtige momenten vast zoals nooit tevoren. Neem vandaag nog contact op en ontwikkel je fotografievaardigheden.

Choose for Dimitri Dantas photography & drone

Whether you choose my photography, videography, drone footage, or a combination of both, I am committed to delivering top quality that exceeds your expectations. Contact me today for a personal proposal tailored to your visual wishes. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​



​ ​








Explanation of my work


Your wedding day will be one of the most beautiful days of your life. I understand better than anyone how important it is to capture the special moments so that you can relive your wedding day at any time as if it were yesterday. At your wedding I combine spontaneous moments with posed shots. I can take both photos and (drone) videos. ​

Family photos and children’s parties

Family is number one for me. I therefore see it as my mission to capture your unique bonds with my camera. From a pleasant afternoon in nature to a vibrant children's party. With photos you can capture the fun moments for the rest of your life. I am familiar with beautiful locations for beautiful photo shoots, such as flower fields and heaths.

Event photography

As an event photographer I am completely in my element, whether it is a staff party or a personal celebration. I can capture the right experience among people using atmospheric images, action photos and portrait photos. I capture the right important moments such as speeches and awards. Interacting with people is second nature to me. ​

Boudoir shoots

As far as I'm concerned, boudoir photography is about celebrating your body as it is in the moment, in whatever form it takes. I help you feel comfortable and at ease while creating elegant and sensual images. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way and I would love to help you capture this as a memory for the rest of your life. ​​


Do you need a portrait photo of yourself or your employees? I can come on location to take your portrait photos for, for example, your LinkedIn or the 'face book' at work. I am also available for portrait photos of children. Let me know what your wishes are and I will help you

Maternity and Birth photography

I think pregnancy and birth are one of the most beautiful moments of life. I think it's magical how new life can arise and I have a lot of respect for mothers and fathers who experience this. It is very special for me to be able to be present at these moments and capture them with care. It is therefore important to me to ensure that you are comfortable. ​

Nightclubs and festival photography

Nightclub and festival photography The nightlife and festivals are buzzing with energy. With my photos I capture the lively atmosphere and dancing people. From the dance floor to the DJ and portraits of groups of friends, my photos bring your memories of the moment back to life.

Real estate photography

Good photos are crucial when selling a house or other property. Real estate photos should be both inviting and representative. I therefore skillfully capture the best features of each space. I prefer to use natural light and look for the best angle to present the space at its best.

Food photography

You attract the attention of your audience with good, attractive and tasty food photos. With my food photography I highlight the smells, colors and flavors of your dish using creative and colorful images. Perfect if you want to put together a menu, cookbook or culinary magazine.



All my services are designed to capture your special moments and projects. I am ready to help with your wishes and strive to exceed your expectations. Please feel free to contact me for a tailor-made package that perfectly suits your needs.

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